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Schmidt Revolution – Traditional Wheels

Tuning for your car – retro wheels made in Germany

Wheel tuning

For two decades Schmidt Revolution develops innovative solutions around wheels.

In the last past years we have initiated a lot of unique technical achievements in wheel manufacturing next to our tuning trends – like “staggered wheels”, for example our triparite rim construction, RADINOX®-technology and the DurChrom-coating! These three properties are unique at Schmidt Revolution.

Rims and wide base tyres

Across the globe Schmidt Revolution is the first choice when it comes to the individual construction and production of alloy rims. All customers – whether tuner, car dealer or specialist workshop – are always supplied with our highest quality “Made in Germany”. Whatever your dream wheel looks like, we make tuning dreams come true.

Our innovative products do not only make your car more efficient and beautiful but also more valuable!

Our classics

Multipiece Schmidt Classics Wheels

As one of the first vendors in the marketplace we were proud to offer multipiece rims quite early. With this multipart possibilty wheels can be adjusted to your vehicle and specific wide fitments can be implemented as well as a classic look –  just as you like.

We equip all Schmidt multipiece wheels from 15 ” with our Radinox rings. This extremely hard and light stainless steel protects your wheels even when contacting the kerb.

One-piece Schmidt Classics Wheels

The classic of all classics: one-piece rims made in Germany fitted to your modern-era classic car or classic car with a contemporary design.

Schmidt Classics – rims for modern-era classic cars and classic cars with history

Schmidt Revolution tuner wheels – the name says it all. For more than three decades we have evolved customized solutions for each rim from the house of Schmidt. Here everybody gets his money’s worth from the start. Next to some unique tuning trends as for example our “staggered wheels” – a combination out of different inch sizes respectively wheel diameters at front and rear axle of a vehicle – there are more unique achievements, we set in motion:

– 3-piece wheel construction

– Radinox-technology

– DurChrom-coating

In October 1985 Schmidt Revolution was founded as a single proprietorship and soon a manufacture was affliated to the mere import enterprise of Revolution Wheels. So we were able to fulfill the rising number of customer requirements reliably.

1986 the first report for a Revolution rim was rendered. At this time it was only a proofness report, which prove general adequacy of our rims. Technical component reports as we need today, were called for much later.

Retro became modern again – this applies to the tuning sector too. For instance we produce our Modern-Line which basic idea emerged in rallycross of the Eighties still as a one part or as a three part rim.

With good reason 3-part rims count as masterpiece of wheel construction because no other manufacturing engineering is as diverse as a tripartite wheels and thus the production process is quite complex. A typical threepart Schmidt classics rim is our TH-Line. It has been popular since the early 90s and is enforced distinctly for classical designs.

Our TH-Line was born in the nineties but that does not mean it is only for classic cars – modern-era classic cars are perfectly equipped with this rim too. These modern-era cars are „classic cars“ which are easily suitable for daily use and are taken as utility vehicles – in contrast to oldtimers which are collector’s cars. Particularly admired in this case are roadster and top-of-the-range cars of the late 1980s, partly even rare coupés.

Supplies for our Schmidt classics.

Even today we offer you appropriate supplies for your Schmidt classics rims.