Information & Services for Schmidt Classic Wheels

Schmidt Revolution in Bad Segeberg Firmengebäude

We can offer you the possibility of renovating your monobloc or multipart classic Schmidt wheels in our service centre.

As troubleshooter we solve your problems you may have with Schmidt Classic wheels. Whether rims that are out of round or problems with multipart sets or registration.

Among others we offer:

✔ Refreshment

After 25 years of many a set of wheels needs a refereshment. In our service centre we offer refreshment factory standard:

  • change of inner and outer rim

No matter if inappropriate fitting of tires or brush with the kerb. We can change rings of multiple wheels. Due to our modular constrution we always have suitable rim bases available.

So your classic Schmidt wheels can be overhauled or restored easily.


  • Lathering face of small damages of flange/edge

Not watched out and already happended. Rim flange or edge touch the kerb and unpleasent scratches are visible.

Kerb damages can easily be repaired by turning the wheel on our lathe. Some material of the edge is skimmed and the wheel must be varnished in this region.

Modern lathe machines help us and we only remove as much material as neccessary, only the bare necessities.

  • planting an aluminium Z-ring

Earlier often a center bore was delivered and with the help of Z rings the rims were adapted to the chosen car. We offer the possibility of delivering a Z-ring made of aluminium to owners of older Schmidt Classic rims. Your precious set of rims is centered as it was the first day. No plastic Z ring needed.

  • Re-sealing of multiple Schmidt Classics

Depending on the storage of your wheels the sealing between components of the multiple rims becomes leak some day.  Whether VN-Line, Modern-Line, TH-Line, PC-Line, Racelite

or Touring wheel we give you the opportunity to reseal your rim the modern standard.

✔  Wheel conversions

Our Schmidt Revolution rims can still be used after more than two decades. Due to high-quality material and manufacture knowhow we deliver rims with best quality.

Even early-generation wheels can be adapted and so still used.

Our possibilites of wheel conversion for retro wheels  for your classic car or modern-era classic car:

1-part wheels

  • Adapting bolt circle
  • Flange turning for ET adjustment
  • Weight reduction for light Motorsport rims
  • Individual engraving
  • Current standard tagging for registration


2-part & 3-part rims

  • change of inner and outer rims for other ETs and more well
  • Flange turning for ET adjustment
  • Weight reduction for light Motorsport rims
  • Individual engraving
  • Current standard tagging for registration
  • Individual conversions

How can you use our service center?

We offer our wheel services together with your Schmidt dealer. No matter if overhaul or wheel conversion. We will find a solution and develop a draft together with your dealer to make it possible for you to use your Schmidt Classic Wheels.


Please apply to your dealer. If there is no one near to you, do not hesitate to contact us, we will find the right one for you.