PC-Line wheels

Convex, 5-spoke, classic design! That is our PC-Line 3-part.

The ideal wheel for deep vehicles. As the sister of VN-Line our PC-Line came to the market at the end of the 90s. The center offers a clear shape and runs convexly outwardly. So special requirements to the well can be realised.

This timeless design is perfectly matching modern cars and also classic models. Classic cars can be equipped as well as modern-era classic cars.

PC-Line belongs to multipiece wheels and accordingly offers our famous RADINOX technology.

The well is a highgloss outer rim made of specially hardened and light stainless steel.

With a rolled up to the inside unsurpassed strength is achieved – surely the most effective harm defence when it comes to curb contact.

Two more impressive advantages of this technology: RADINOX stays highgloss for its life and can never rust.

3-tlg Modern-Line Felgen


  • for classic cars and modern-era classic cars 18″
  • 5 spoke design
  • convex center
  • classic design
  • easily customizable
  • RADINOX well


Your PC-Line set is arranged individually.