Racelite wheels

Classic 5-spoke design

Our Racelite 1- and 3partite belong to our Modern-Line family

At the end of the 90s we brought this rim to the market and we were prospering directly. The Racelite area application was widespread. Next to usual applications for VW, BMW, Opel, Volvo and so forth, some special applications as for example 8J und 10J!x 17 for Smart Roadster. Firstly only available in 8Jx17 we became able to cover almost all current bolt circles  with this onepartite wheel.

The ET-range of 25-50 suited best for the former vehicles.

With its 17 inch our Racelite was one of the biggest wheels on the market.

Then as now the design looks impressive. Based on the success we elaborated the Racelite design and brought out a new one as a 3-part rim.

Sizes of 6,5J bis 14Jx17 could have been adapted individually to the car and espacially extremely wide and even slim cars became able to be served.

1-tlg Racelite Felgen


  • for classic cars as well as modern-era classic cars, big 17″
  • 8Jx17 one-part wheel
  • classical 5-spoke design
  • often used in motorsports and rallycross area

Available bolt circles and ETs


114,3-5 ET35

available colors

Highgloss Silver

Schmidt Racelite Rims – tripartite wheels for more individuality

After our 8Jx17 Racelite was accepted quite successfully, the demand for other widths and more freedom regarding the ET choice rised.

Th classical 5-spoke design was refined and published as middle part for 3-part rims. These parts in DurChrom and Highgloss Silver are combined with one Radinox outer ring each – which makes the wheel essentially more durable. The rim base can be adjusted individually so rims with a maximum well can be constructed.

Racelite 3-tlg


  • for classic cars and modern-era classic cars “big” 17″
  • 6,5J to 14Jx17
  • classical 5-spoke design
  • individually customizable by different outer and inner rims
  • H-bespoke adaptable
  • all established bolt circles

Available bolt circles and ETs

all established

Deliverable colours

Highgloss Silver, DurChrom, unvarnished