Retro-ML wheels

Re-detecting the drive of the 90s – Schmidt Retro-ML

Retro-ML monobloc
Our Retro-ML wheel is familar to many tuning fans as ‘Revo’. Typical of this wheel is the modern line design which provides itself timeless and distinct features.

The peculiar charme is its distinctiveness which sets it apart from the bulk.

7,5Jx16H2 & 9Jx16H2 Retro-ML is available in ET 15-35. Standard bolt circle is 4-100 and 5-100.

Other bolt circles can be manufactured individually.

Even VR6 brakes have enough space due to brake clearance. Therefore it is perfectly suitable for tuning.

Especially for those who want to bring back the “Look and Feel” of the Nineties to the streets.