Space wheels

Distinctive things

There we go! Space with multiple look. Aggressive design with formally perfect inclusion of tire valve.

In dimensions of 16, 17 and 18 inch with varnish High-Gloss if required, this wheel is for niche vehicles as Smart, Peugeot 107, Citroen C1 or Daihatsu Copen even as current high-colume models as VW Lupo, Polo or Golf.

But the distinctive spoke design of Schmidt’s Space is perfectly suitable for the latest vehicles.

Back then the Space has already been popular for vehicles of these classes. As Highgloss Silver we offer this retro wheel furthermore for classic cars and modern-era classic cars. Some remainders in DurChrom are still available (17″).


  • for classic cars and modern-era classic cars 16″-18″
  • monobloc
  • beefy design with enough space for big brakes
  • multiple look (except 18″)
  • many different widths available

Available bolt circles and ETs

6,5Jx16H2, 7Jx16H2, 8Jx16H2, 9Jx16H2, 8,5Jx17H2, 9,5Jx17H2

all bolt circles (constraints at size selection)

Available colors

Highgloss Silver, DurChrom (only 17″)