TH-Line wheels

hand polished – for classic cars and modern-era classic cars

Even then we made the modern engineering of a multipart visible at a classic in Schmidt Revolution’s program

The multipart TH-Line with its unique hand polished surface.

Extensive design with parabolic mirror geometry and external turbine slots for optimal brake cooling.
In addition: modern RADINOX-technology:
An outer ring made of specially hardened with rolled up edge for the protection of curb damages. RADINOX stays highgloss and corrosion-free lifelong.

Dimensions and profile of material thickness of the rim are determined by applications of force. Where more thickness is needed, the more is available.
– and vice versa. The resolution is a never reached impact resistance against demolition by curb touching. The rolled up edge was produced in a special process and protects this noble rim for its whole life.

2-part TH-Line

16″ + 17″

With the look and many advantages of the three part TH-Line but with a price which is only little above the price of a set of demanding produced one part alloy wheels.

The twopartite TH-Line has rather restricted possibilities than the tripartite model which has almost unlimited opportunities of combinable ETs and rim widths but the price convinces.

Even as its 3part pendant the 2part TH-Line is fitted with our exclusive RADINOX-technology:
A highgloss outer ring made of specially hardened and light stainless steel. Additionally the rolled up edge which prevents kerb damages.
Two more invincible advantages of this technology: RADINOX stays highgloss and non-corrosive lifelong.

3-part TH-Line

13″ + 14″ + 15″ & 18″

A retro wheel can not be more distinct: extensive parabolic dish design, gills for the brake system and a highgloss rim base with RADINOX-technology. (except 13″ + 14″)

ETs and tyre widths are adjusted accurately to the millimetre on front and rear axle of each verhicle.

As a result we have completely filled out wheel wells with dynamic mixed fitments.

FACTSHEET TH-Line multiple

  • for classic cars and modern-era classic cars
  • 13″ to 18″
  • extensive parabolic mirror design
  • individually customizable by different outer and inner rims
  • H bespoke adaptable
  • all bolt circles
  • hand polished

Available bolt circles and ETs

all established

Available colors

exclusively hand polished