VN-Line wheels

Even then with a maximum well with our VN-Line

Cross spokes, Radinox outer rim and a maximum well – this is our VN-Line.

Y-spokes raise convexly from center to ring connection which makes extremly deep outer wells possible.

Using our special outer rings made of Radinox provide our VN-Line a particular varnish. Combined with the extreme hardship of the material the VN-Line is absolutely suitable for daily use.

It’s a fact that:

An equivalent dimensioned 18 inch wheelset weighs in comparison with a 18 inch alloy wheel standard wheelset up to less than six kilogram.

Less weight with VN-Line brings more driving fun and driving dynamics.

• better acceleration caused by less rotatory masses
• better elasticity
• optimized handling on curvy routes
• less mileage in direct comparison
• palpable higher comfort by less unsprung masses

With its strong RADINOX technology this wheel belongs to Schmidt Revolution’s group of wheels which can not be harmed by kerb contact.

3-tlg VN-Line Felgen

FACTSHEET VN-Line 3-part

  • for classic cars and modern-era classic cars
  • multipiece
  • beefy Y-spokes
  • 18″
  • different widths

Available bolt circles and ETs

on demand

Available colors

Highgloss Silver


Festigkeitsgutachten 18" VN-Line 7Jx18 bis 13Jx18-31 bis +512001