Technical reports

Report finder for Schmidt Classics

Here you can find strength certificates for our classic Schmidt wheels. We will extend the range of strength certificates and technical component reports for Schmidt Revolution retro wheels gradually.

If you cannot find a certain report, do not hesitate to contact us:

For classic designs strength certificates exist mainly. Technical component reports as we need today were invented much later. If a wheel could be mounted was certified with a test report.

Modern-Line 16″ – 3part

report 7,5Jx16 – 12Jx16 (3-part)

Modern-Line 15″-16″ – 1part

report 8Jx15

Gutachten 7,5Jx16

report 9Jx16

Racelite 17″ – 1part


Racelite 17″ – 3part

report 7,5Jx17 – 11Jx17 (3-part)


VN-Line 18″ – 3part

report 7Jx18″ – 12,5Jx18″

Space-Line 16″ – 18″